Our Mission

DistroPunk is on a mission to help artists decentralise the music industry without alienating their fans. We are merging current and new technologies that allow artists to generate new and exciting revenue steams.

For most of music’s history, gatekeepers have controlled which artists are heard, which artists will succeed and on what terms. Artists have been forced to compromise who they were and how they were rewarded. But not anymore. DistroPunk is here to help drive the movement. That’s why we’re doubling down and offering services to power independent artists with ownership, freedom and control.

We truly believe that Web3 and Blockchain technology will revolutionise the music industry.

Selling collectibles and limited editions is something that has largely fallen by the way side with the modern day streaming model. Remember the days of buying a record or CD by your favourite artist and discovering the hidden track? That could be an NFT. Remember the coloured vinyl, limited to 1000 copies? That could be an NFT. Remember the bootleg demo tapes? That could be an NFT. The potential for secondary income is endless.

Furthermore, by removing middlemen from the sales process and giving artists the tools to be truly independent, the music industry will change forever. 

There’s hardly a limit to what can be tokenised; music tracks, artwork, pieces of text, video, apps, files and even real-life objects such as concert tickets or unique physical merchandise. All can be accompanied by their own NFTs, enabling artists and content creators to deliver new experiences to their audiences.

Fans will be able to invest in your career. Imagine investing in a Kickstarter campaign for your favourite artist but, instead of merchandise or concert tickets, getting a percentage of the revenues in return. This has the potential to help artists gain true independence and bring the age of major labels and gatekeepers to a close.